Meeting Sacrifice

Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded over 52,000 scholarships totaling over $240 million to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. And now, in our biggest announcement yet, we are expanding the Folds of Honor mission to incorporate America’s first responders, including police, fire-fighters, EMTs and paramedics.

This move reflects our purpose to meet sacrifice with hope and show first responders and their families that they are not alone.

There are nearly 2 million first responders in the United States who respond to approximately 240 million calls made each year. Every time they respond to one of these calls, they are putting their life on the line. In 2021 alone, 669 law enforcement officers and 135 fire-fighters perished while on duty in the U.S.

Appreciation for U.S. military service members and First Responders is the single most unifying position held by Americans. On this we agree: those who protect our freedom and our families deserve our unwavering support.

It is our hope that the expanded Folds of Honor mission will inspire unity among Americans and let first responders and their families know that they are not alone.

LT Col Dan Rooney, Founder of Folds of Honor